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Newly Elected State Legislators Speak-Out, Encourage Others to Run for Office

Three progressive women backed by the Michigan People's Campaign share stories as first time candidates (L-R Manoogian, Pohutsky, Kupa).

Incoming state representatives-elect endorsed by the Michigan People’s Campaign (MPC) came together to offer their reflections on their journey to Lansing. Their election efforts were bolstered by MPC’s “Get out the vote” program that knocked on over 150,000 doors by Election Day. Constituents also shared their stories of family care to highlight the candidates' support of long term care.

The group came together to encourage other grassroots progressives to run for office in 2020, particularly women, people of color, new Americans, and working-class people. Two thirds of elected officials in Michigan are white men, and tend to be wealthy. The state’s population is two thirds women and people of color and mostly middle and working class.

Mari Manoogian won the race for the 40th district which includes Birmingham. “The people of Michigan have spoken,’ said Manoogian. “They’re ready for progressive policies that care for our families more than corporations.”

“This was a win for marginalized people throughout the state,” said Padma Kuppa who will be the new state representative for the 41st district in Troy. “The incoming legislature has an opportunity to serve all people and be more reflective of the community. I’m very excited to get to work!”

MPC may have had the biggest impact in the race for the 19th district in Livonia where Laurie Pohutsky won by just 300 votes. “The MPC Candidate Academy gave me the start I needed. Their ground game made the difference in this election. It’s a new day for young people in our state. Anyone thinking of running for office and looking to make a change should definitely look into their development program.”

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