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In October 2023, our Long-term Planning Committee commissioned a live and virtual listening campaign. The goal was to find out what were the issues, situations and problems they’d like to see solved over the next ten years? We held a series of live events and distributed this survey via email and social media. The primary question took people down a five-question path to telling us what was their most important thing to see changed and how it impacts their lives. 


As part of this campaign, we launched an online survey. We received 54 responses, seven male and 47 female. It is this survey that we’ll examine here. We will dig deep into the first question, “What would you like to see change in ten years?” We’ll use natural language understanding technology from IBM Watson NLU.


We chose those two because they give respondents an opportunity to open up and provide a longer response. The first question invites a list. The second asks for personal stories. What we found is that most people provided reasonable and well thought out answers.

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