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Michigan People's Campaign
2022 Endorsements  


We are proud to announce Michigan People's Campaign 2024 election endorsements! After analyzing the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, our delegates across Michigan voted for state and federal candidates who champion MPC's core issues. 

LAYLA TAHA_edited.jpg

Michigan State House District 25


Michigan State House District 13

In the Michigan House January 30, 2024 election races, the MPC delegates endorsed:

Michigan People's Campaign is a member-driven organization focused on empowering all Michiganders to participate in the democratic process and electing representatives who reflect our core values, not just the privileged few. That is why our members select our endorsed candidates. 


Our local elections are more important than ever. We must elect people who create and pass state policies that improve our lives. Our candidates will fight to increase access to healthcare, reshape the justice system, protect voting rights and immigrant rights and fight for environmental justice. We throw our full support behind each of these fantastic candidates.

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