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Michigan People's Campaign
2022 Endorsements  


We are proud to announce Michigan People's Campaign 2022 general election endorsements! After analyzing the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, our delegates across Michigan voted for state and federal candidates who champion MPC's core issues. 


Supreme Court Justice

Dana Nessel FB.jpeg

Attorney General

Jocelyn Benson FB.jpeg

Secretary of State

Kyra Harris Bolden FB.jpeg

Supreme Court Justice

For state-wide races, the MPC delegates endorsed:
In the U.S. House general election races, the MPC delegates endorsed:
Bob Lorinser .jpeg

Congressional District 1

Carl Marlinga.jpeg

Congressional District 10

Hillary Scholten.jpeg

Congressional District 3

Rashida Talib

Congressional District 12

 Dan Kildee  OFFICIAL.jpeg

Congressional District 8

Brian Jaye_edited.jpg

Congressional District 9

In the Michigan Senate general election races, the MPC delegates endorsed:

Senate 3: Stephanie Chang

Senate 4: Darrin Camilleri

Senate 6: Mary Kavanagh

Senate 9: Padma Kuppa

Senate 16: Katybeth Davis  

Senate 14: Sue Shink 

Senate 30:  David LaGrand

Senate 33:  Mark Bignell 

In the Michigan House general election races, the MPC delegates endorsed:

House 74:  Kara Hope

House 77:  Emily Dievendorf

House 81: Rachel Hood

House 83: John Fitzgerald

House 88:  Christine Baker

House 102:  Brian Hosticka 

House 103: Betsy Coffia

House 107:  Jodi Decker


House 26:  Dylan Wegela

House 27:  Jaime Churches

House 42:  Justin Mendoza 

House 47:  Carrie Amber Rheingans

House 48:  Jennifer Conlin

House 54:  Shadia Martini 

House 68:  Cheri Hardmon

House 71:  Mark Zacharda

House 5:    Natalie Price 

House 9:    Abraham Aiyash

House 14:  Donavan McKinney

House 15:  Erin Byrnes 

House 17:  Laurie Pohutsky

House 18:  Jason Hoskins 

House 22:  Matt Koleszar 

House 34:  John Dahlgren

The following ballot initiatives will improve and protect the rights of Michiganders:

-Proposal 1: Term Limit Proposal allows for better representation in state government and greater political campaign contribution transparency. 

-Proposal 2: Promote the Vote protects voting rights in Michigan!

-Proposal 3: Reproductive Freedom For All restores Roe and leaves medical decisions between a woman and her doctor

Michigan People's Campaign is a member-driven organization focused on empowering all Michiganders to participate in the democratic process and electing representatives who reflect our core values, not just the privileged few. That is why our members select our endorsed candidates. 


Our local elections are more important than ever. We must elect people who create and pass state policies that improve our lives. Our candidates will fight to increase access to healthcare, reshape the justice system, protect voting rights and immigrant rights and fight for environmental justice. We throw our full support behind each of these fantastic candidates.

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