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Environmental Justice

Everyone deserves clean air, clean water, and access to nature. Unfortunately, big corporations dump their pollution in neighborhoods where residents have the least social power. That means that low-income communities and communities of color have the highest concentrations of toxins, like lead and mercury, particulate emissions, and water pollution. These communities then experience dramatically higher rates of asthma, cancer, kidney failure, and diabetes. 


We're fighting to make sure that big polluters can't treat people like they're disposable. They need to curb their emissions, clean up the mess they've made, and pay for the damage they've caused.


Additionally, Michigan People's Campaign has been organizing in Flint, Michigan. Flint didn't just experience a water crisis – rather, the water crisis was the result of decades-long crisis of poverty, structural racism, and democracy. We're working to make sure that the residents of Flint get a full and just recovery, and rebuild the civil society they need to win a better future.

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