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Michigan’s Democratic Trifecta Must Do More to Counter Attacks Against Immigrant Communities

In response to recent attacks on immigrants, including President Joe Biden’s inhumane asylum ban and Florida’s new anti-immigrant law, Adonis Flores, the Immigrant Rights Director at Michigan People’s Campaign, issued the following statement:

“Threats against our immigrant communities continue to worsen across the nation. Biden’s new Trump-like asylum ban is a betrayal to the refugee community and a broken campaign promise.

Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has just signed a law that would make it a felony to provide transportation to our undocumented loved ones living in Florida. The law also furthers the discrimination in our healthcare system by requiring hospitals to ask for a patient’s citizenship status, widening the gap in resources between communities solely based on where a person is born. Beyond being discriminatory and xenophobic, these policies hurt economic prosperity by creating a hostile environment for investors, young professionals and immigrant essential workers.

“The Michigan Legislature finds itself in a position to lead the nation by example. In this political climate where the right wing is prioritizing policies of fear and division, Lansing’s Democratic trifecta has a unique opportunity to show the country how to govern with hope, unity and economic prosperity in mind. That means taking action now to protect our immigrant brothers and sisters, who are vital parts of our communities. They can start by immediately passing legislation to restore driver’s licenses for everyone, regardless of immigration status, as well as State Sen. Stephanie Chang’s legislation to provide additional funding for language access programs.”

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