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Tell your representative to vote for Drive SAFE!

Take two minutes to tell your legislator that every driver living in Michigan needs to be licensed and registered.

Every individual, regardless of their background or immigration status, deserves respect, dignity, and security. Drive Michigan Forward (DMF) is championing this cause by advocating for the restoration of driver's licenses to all of Michigan's undocumented immigrants. But they need your support!

Here's why your voice is crucial:

  • Uphold Basic Human Rights: By supporting DMF, you're advocating for the basic rights and dignity of every community member.

  • Ensure Safety on Our Roads: Granting driving rights means safer commutes for everyone and freedom from fear for our undocumented neighbors.

  • Boost Our Local Economy: When everyone can drive legally, our local businesses and communities thrive.

  • Strengthen Our Community Bonds: This movement is about more than just driving; it's about unity, respect, and collaboration.

  • Address Universal Needs: Every person, from parents to grandparents to students, should have the freedom to drive without fear.

If you need to refresh your understanding of Drive SAFE, tap here.


Your opinion can make a difference. Lend your voice to this vital cause and help build a more inclusive Michigan. Share your thoughts and let's drive Michigan forward, together!

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