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Relational Organizing


We believe personal contact is the most powerful way to engage friends and family. Too often traditional political engagement campaigns are transactional and treat people like consumers. We believe it will take transformational connections instead of transactional one-dimensional interactions to change the world we live in. When you think about reaching out to your friends and family, consider how you normally connect with them. Outreach to friends and family can be in person, on the phone, by text, inviting friends to events or social media. 

Download and run the OutVote app

If you haven't yet downloaded the app we'll be using, get out your smart phone and search for OutVote where you get your apps (such as Google Play or the App Store). You'll want to download it onto your phone because that's where you have most of your contacts stored.

After you open the OutVote app and follow the prompts to create an account, you can enter the code 674947 when prompted or just tap the magnifying glass and search for Michigan People's Campaign (We'll probably pop up before your done typing Michigan).

The OutVote app will ask for permission to access your contacts list. Don't worry. None of the data will be kept by us or the developers of the app. What OutVote will do instead is compare the names and numbers in your phone to publicly available voting records and flag all your friends in surprising ways.


Texting People You Know (PYK)

Now we're ready to get started! Tap 'Take Action' and select The Michigan Primary option. When you do, you'll see a list of your contacts. You can scroll left and right through the filters at the top to find the people you most need to communicate with. We recommend Democrat, In District and Infrequent Voter. This will show you people you know in Michigan who might vote for Bernie but could still use a little push from you. Put a check mark next to the names of 10-15 of these people and click 'GET STARTED' below.

Once you do, you'll see a sample message that you can edit. In fact, it's a good thing if you do. This text should sound like it's coming from a good friend because it is. You.

Then hit send and repeat for each of the contacts you've selected. Some of them will respond, some won't. Keep the conversation going. Remind them they can vote absentee before primary day at their local clerk's office. Remind them why this election is important to you and why you'd like to see Bernie Sanders in the White House. When the conversation has run its course, tap on their name to fill out a report so we'll know who has been reached and find new people to encourage to vote!

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