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Trump receives the world's best care for COVID-19 while Americans risk of losing their health care

23 million Americans at risk of losing their health insurance

After spending months downplaying the severity of the disease, hosting superspreader campaign events, and mocking people who took basic precautions, it was sadly a matter of time before the virus found its way into the Oval Office. 

It is no small irony that while Trump is receiving world-class government-funded health care for COVID-19, his administration is still challenging the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the Supreme Court. 

“Donald Trump has the best healthcare in the world as he faces Covid-19,” said Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, chair of Southpaw MI, former Director of the Detroit Department of Public Health and Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University. “But we should remember this right now, he’s trying to take away health care entirely from 23 million other people by dismantling the Affordable Care Act. It’s the height of cruelty to take away people’s health care in the middle of a pandemic. EVERY American deserves what Donald Trump has: access to affordable, quality health care in case they come down with this terrible disease.”

This incident highlights the need for true, strong, national leadership during this crisis. We need greater access to personal protective equipment, widespread rapid testing and contact tracing, and more funding for public health departments. Instead of tearing down the ACA, we should expand access to health care in this country. 

“If Donald Trump can’t even keep himself safe, how can you expect him to protect your family?” added El-Sayed.

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