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The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade

Today is one of our nation's most devastating, dark, and dangerous days. Today, the Supreme Court stood on the wrong side of history. Justices Roberts, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Alito decided that their personal beliefs are above the people's will, 50 years of sound legal precedent, and the health and safety of women across this country. The judicial right-wing activist extremists on our Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe vs. Wade, legislating a woman's medical decisions with her body. This decision gives over 20 states the go-ahead to ban abortion, where some states make no exceptions for rape, the mother's life, or any other reason. Their decision to ban abortion is nothing more than a dangerous mix of classism, racism, and sexism to control women and their futures. This decision will impact every one of our communities across each issue area we organize. Today's decision disproportionately affects poor, rural women who can not afford an abortion, lack healthcare, or travel to states that allow abortions. We're afraid that the dominos will continue to fall with today's decision. The activist judges, with this decision, have now ensured no fundamental human right is safe. Gay marriage, the right to contraceptives, and many other rights are in jeopardy because of this decision. That is why we, as Michigan People's Campaign stand with reproductive rights. Reproductive rights are human rights. We are adamant we are on the right side of justice and dignity for all.

Our healthcare Organizer Audrey Gerard said, "I am terrified, outraged, and ready to use that energy to organize. Abortion is health care. No doctor should be charged with first-degree murder for providing healthcare services, and no person should be charged for doing what is best for their body. Polls across the nation show the U.S populous are in favor of Roe V Wade." We agree. As a result, today, we call on state leaders to stand on the side of women's health to protect women's rights and pass laws to preserve women's autonomy. We also pledge to support candidates who will protect reproductive rights.

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