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The Michigan People’s Campaign Applauds Senator Kamala Harris VP Pick

Selection of first Black and South Asian woman creates sharp contrast at top of the ticket.

MICHIGAN -  On Tuesday, Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden announced the selection of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. She was chosen from a field of highly qualified candidates who had much to offer. Stacy Abrams connected with voters in the South and is a champion of fair elections. Susan Rice has an urgently needed grasp of national security. And aside from being a Michigander, picking Gretchen Whitmer would have given our state its first Black Governor. But none of them ran as far as Sen. Harris for the White House, building a national following and giving the Democratic party the best chance to beat Donald Trump in November.

Although Biden and Harris have a complicated role in the rise of mass incarceration, both recognize now the damage it has wrought and Biden's Lift Every Voice plan aims to correct it. While Trump touts singularly passing the First Step Act, it is in reality a bipartisan recognition that the prison industrial complex is neither spiritually nor fiscally sustainable. And as Trump boldly revered the confederacy that tried to destroy the union to preserve slavery, Harris proposed anti-lynching legislation. The difference between the political parties and candidates couldn't be starker.

Michigan People’s Campaign applauds Biden’s choice of Sen. Harris to be the next Vice-President of the United States. We will encourage them to continue to take the bold policy positions that distinguish their campaign.  But most of all, we look forward to watching Harris surgically dismember V.P. Mike Pence in their upcoming debates.

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