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Rep. Rashida Tlaib has always stood up for the people of Michigan

Her constituents value family, not fear

In a recent speech, President Donald Trump stated that “There's no way (Rep. Rashida Tlaib) stands for the values of the people of Michigan.” In so doing, he demonstrated his complete ignorance of what is most important to the people of this state.

The incident he referred to as evidence of his claim was a 2016 direct action organized by the Michigan People’s Campaign in which several of our members, including Tlaib, attended candidate Trump’s appearance at the Detroit Economic Club. Tlaib was one of more than a dozen women to rise during his speech and challenge him on his sexist positions and anti-union policy proposals. Anyone who wonders if Rep. Tlaib and her co-organizers were right to challenge Trump’s misogyny during his campaign need only look to the credible allegations of rape against him today.

We at the Michigan People’s Campaign believe that Rep. Tlaib is exactly the champion our state needs to defend us against Trump’s racist attacks and lead us boldly into a future that benefits everyone in Michigan, not just his wealthy friends. We stood with Tlaib as a state representative when she stood up to corporate polluters. And Tlaib stood with us when she sat down in an act of civil disobedience to demand that fast food workers be able to unionize so they will be able to be paid a living wage.

President Trump would do well to listen to the people of Michigan’s 13th district when our representative speaks for us. He should close down the concentration camps he is running and reunite the children and parents he is keeping in them. Cruelty and racism are not Michigan values; compassion and strong families are. We are proud to have Rep. Tlaib stand for us.

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