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Movement politics candidates win two seats on Kalamazoo City Commission

Bold stances on popular issues drove support of community

The Michigan People’s Campaign is pleased to announce that two of the candidates we endorsed have won seats on the Kalamazoo City Commission in the 2019 election. Patrese Griffin and Chris Praedel were among the top candidates in a field of 8 vying for three open seats on the commission. Having won the most votes in the race, Griffin also earns the title Vice-Mayor. Griffin had been a long-time volunteer with the organization.

Members of the Michigan People’s Campaign went door-to-door activating voters around the critical issues of affordable housing and fair treatment by landlords. The group also spent weeks prior to the election doing voter registration and education on the issues.

“The results of this election show the results of an organized community speaking clearly with one voice about the issues they care about,” said Ed Genesis, an organizer with the Michigan People’s Campaign. “We can see that when given the opportunity to vote for real solutions that will improve their lives and strengthen their neighborhoods, previously disenfranchised residents will turn out and take part in our democracy.”

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