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Michigan People’s Campaign expands list of endorsements for 2020 election

The People’s Voice slate includes local, state, judicial, and Senate candidates

Members of Michigan People’s Campaign (MPC), a statewide, grassroots political organization, voted to expand its slate of endorsed candidates for the 2020 general election. Delegates felt these candidates also champion issues our group advocates for and have pledged to campaign for them until election day. Such efforts have already resulted in at least 300,000 conversations with voters around the state so far.

MPC has also endorsed Gary Peters (I) in the race for the US Senate. His presence will help break the stranglehold the Republican party has had on the deliberative body that acquitted a criminal President in his impeachment trial and is now rushing to fill the Supreme Court seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg before it loses power.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, MPC now endorses Bryan Berghoef in District 2, Hillary Scholten in District 3 and Gretchen Driskell in District 7.

At the state level, MPC endorsed Lily Cheng Shulting in the District 72 race for the Michigan House of Representatives as well as Bridget Mary McCormack and Elizabeth Welch to join the Michigan Supreme Court.

Many of our delegates are also members of Michigan United, a group that fought to restore the authority of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners to provide much needed accountability of local law enforcement. MPC believes that Deborah Burke of District 2 would be a welcomed voice in the fight against police brutality.

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