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Michigan People’s Campaign endorses Abdul El-Sayed for Governor

Grassroots political movement will put boots on the ground to send candidate to Lansing

Michigan People’s Campaign held a caucus style vote in a Dearborn gym Saturday to decide who they would endorse for Governor and at the end of the day, 87% of the 92 delegates present huddled under the name Abdul El-Sayed. The Democratic candidate decidedly beat out party rivals Gretchen Whitmer and Shri Thanedar.

“This is a great day! We are so grateful to have someone like El-Sayed running to be the next Governor of Michigan after all this state has been through under its current leadership,” said MPC member, Brenda Quintero. “Michigan People’s Campaign stands behind Abdul because he is standing up for people, not corporations.”

The vote took place following a short speech by El-Sayed, a video presentation from Whitmer and a lively discussion amongst the delegates about the issues that were most important to them and the reasons they supported their favorite candidate. Everyone was equipped with their deeply held values and the candidates’ responses to a questionnaire (attached) stating their positions on subjects such as universal family care, immigrant rights, environmental protections and criminal justice reform.

The voting members of the grassroots political group have pledged to knock on their neighbors’ doors this summer and have meaningful conversations about the issues they care about. Michigan People’s Campaign used this “Deep canvas” technique to help carry Democratic state representative Darrin Camilleri to victory in a district that otherwise supported Donald Trump.

One of the motivating forces behind Michigan People’s Campaign endorsement is standing up for people affected by public policy who have no influence in the electoral process such as immigrants, the incarcerated and young people. D’Andre Dewberry will be urging people to vote for El-Sayed because his brother, who is behind bars, cannot. “My brother made a mistake and he’s paying for it, but I still love him,” said Dewberry. “Just because he’s locked up doesn’t mean he has to eat garbage. No one should have to live like that,” he said referring to the Aramark prison food scandal that resulted in inmates being served rotten food. “That’s why I support Abdul. He understands that there's no such thing as ‘throw away’ people.”

“It’s not a ‘Red vs. Blue’ issue. We’re changing the game,” said Quintero. “It’s the super wealthy vs. the rest of us. When people are trying to figure out how to take care of their mom while they are out working to raise their kids, nothing matters more than solutions. We see that in Abdul.”

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