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Michigan People’s Campaign Applauds Repeal of Anti-Worker Law

Michigan People’s Campaign Applauds Repeal of Anti-Worker Law

In response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signing the repeal of Michigan’s “Right-to-Work” law, Michigan People’s Campaign issued the following statement:

“The radical right, backed by the DeVos family, attempted to destroy Michigan’s labor movement back in 2011 when, under the cover of darkness and without hearings, they passed a worker suppression law wrongly referred to as ‘Right-to-Work.’ This anti-worker law cost Michigan workers over a decade of better wages, greater benefits, and stronger job security. But we fought back. Unions led the charge, and Michigan People’s Campaign lent support by connecting with more than 200,000 voters during the last election cycle to help usher in a new pro-worker, Democratic majority. Now, we’re on offense, and the working class has won back their rights. We applaud the countless organizers, union members, and community leaders who made this happen. When workers win, we all win.”

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