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Michigan People’s Campaign announces endorsements for 2021 local elections

Candidates can expect surge from grassroots push for slate

MICHIGAN - The board of directors for the Michigan People’s Campaign (MPC) has ratified the slate of candidates in upcoming local races selected by members in their endorsement process that began in May. As in years past, delegates earned the right to vote for candidates of their choice by pledging to campaign for those selected leading up to city elections on August 3rd.

In the Detroit races, MPC members endorsed:

  • Myya Jones for Mayor

  • Denzel McCampbell for City Clerk

  • Roy McCallister Jr. to represent district 2 on City Council

  • Latisha Johnson to represent district 4 on City Council

  • Gabriela Santiago-Romero to represent district 6 on City Council

  • William Davis to represent district 7 on City Council

  • Nicole Small and Coleman Young II to be At-Large City Councilmembers

  • Dennis Bryant for the Citizens Advisory Council district 4

  • Scotty Boman to represent district 4 on the Board of Police Commissioners

  • Landis Spencer to represent district 6 on the Board of Police Commissioners

“It’s time for the city to have an energetic, equipped, passionate leader to take the helm and steer back the city's self-interest to the residents who never left, those displaced and those who were forgotten,” said MPC delegate Roslyn Ogburn. “Myya Jones is aware of the lack of resources accessible to many Detroiters and is dedicated to providing youth programs and technical advances equitably, not just to those living downtown. While we are in a complete gentrification process, our city must have a leader who will not sell our city right from under us but one who will work for the residents and is willing and ready to be held accountable. That’s why I endorsed Myya Jones.”

In other local elections, MPC members endorsed Alex Garza to be the next Mayor of Taylor and Asha Tyson and Korey Morris for city council, Abdullah Hammoud to be the next Mayor of Dearborn, Emily Bridson to be the next Mayor of Kentwood and Meochia Thompson for ward 1 of their city council and Dan VanderMolen for ward 2.

“As a professional, educated immigrant myself, I found it very hard to find job opportunities in Kentwood. We are not considered for our expertise,” said Lior Lahav Wessels, who has been a resident for 8 years. “I’ve been told more than once it would be easier to survive if I were to open a business. I’ve followed Emily Bridson's contribution to our community and I especially support the plan she has to offer people like me. There is a very big, vibrant community here that needs equal opportunities. I think she can provide more professional opportunities for everyone who wants to open a business.”

The MPC endorsements were selected using ranked-choice voting, a balloting method that doesn’t force voters to choose between the lesser of two evils. MPC has long advocated this form of voting and helped bring about its adoption in Eastpointe, MI.

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