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Bernie Sanders wins the ‘Battle of Big Ideas’ in CNN debate

Biden adopts Sanders’ key proposals

Vice President Joe Biden’s platform sharpened in Sunday's debate as he began including specific details from Bernie Sanders’ bold vision for America that focuses on the needs of the working class rather than those of corporations and the wealthy. While Sanders continued to draw stark differences between their campaigns, Biden repeatedly used the phrase “I agree with Bernie”.

In an exchange where he tried to draw parallels between them, Biden rattled off his support for tuition free college, the Green New Deal and declared that healthcare was a human right. He also called for a moratorium on deportations, a key component of Sanders' immigration reform which goes as far as abolishing ICE. Before the debate, Biden also announced he was adopting Elizabeth Warren’s proposed bankruptcy plan.

While both candidates agreed that testing for COVID19 should be free for everyone in the midst of a pandemic, Biden took a dig at Sanders’ Medicare for all plan saying that universal coverage didn’t help the people of Italy, who suffered one of the world’s worst outbreaks. However, considering their single payer system, no Italians will have to declare bankruptcy due to the cost of treatment for a COVID19 infection. In America, on the other hand, medical bills contributed to two thirds of all bankruptcies before the pandemic began.

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