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Money & Politics in Michigan, 2023

An ongoing look at campaign finance disclosure data

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Where the Money
Comes From

Where does the money in Michigan politics come from?  


Tap check the data for an interactive map and see where, who and how much money they're contributing.

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Who Gives
the Most?

We can all give to the candidate or campaign of our choice. 

But we don't expect our dollars to turn into undue influence. We need to stay alert for those who do.

Tap check the data for an interactive look revealing who, how much and what type of contribution.

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Who Gets
the Most?

Just as we have the right to make a political contribution without fear of retribution, candidates and committees have that right as well.

But considering the history of money, influence and scandal in Michigan politics, we need to compare who gets the money against their record.

Tap check the data for an interactive look at who's accepted the most by aggregate amount and type of contribution.

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Where the Contributors

The problem with money in politics isn't that you and your co-workers contribute to a candidate. It's your right to give.

It's when your manager or CEO influences you to make specific contributions. Among other things.

Being able to see contributions by employer is another key step towards transparency and accountability.

Tap check the data for an interactive look at which employers were the source of contributions by aggregate amount and type.



Another way to look at contributors is by occupation. It adds detail to employer data and quickly reveals categories. 

These categories let you see giving at a slightly higher level. From here it's easier to see potential influence, good or bad.

Tap check the data for an interactive look at giving by occupation.

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by Month

This data is from the first disclosure period of 2023. The reason why you see contributions from 2022 have to do more with late filings and compliance.

Tap check the data for an interactive feature with more details.

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