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What do you want to know
about Drive SAFE Michigan?

Drive SAFE Michigan is legislation to require that everyone driving on Michigan roads is licensed
and insured. The bill is coming up for a vote soon.


Michigan People's Campaign supports Drive SAFE, and has created an easy way to dig into the language of the bills, studies and other content about the bill.


It's a great way to learn about Drive SAFE faster and easier than digging through pdf's and
scrolling endlessly through websites. Use the links below to share it with friends,
followers and family.

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Ask Your Question About Drive SAFE

Resources & background information


It's helpful to open a resource in a separate tab to use for guidance. Ask questions and use
the answers to jump directly into
the document with your specific interest.

Bill Text




TAKE THE SURVEY: How do you feel about Drive SAFE?

Ten tips for using the tool:
  1. When using this tool, be aware that it's primarily designed to address questions related to Drive SAFE. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

  2. While the tool is familiar with the language of the bills, it may not always understand intricate queries.
    If the tool doesn't get your question right, try rewording it.

  3. Always prioritize your privacy and refrain from sharing confidential information. 

  4. Your feedback is valuable. Let us know how we can improve, seek further details, or point out inaccuracies.

  5. Be concise and clear in your language; the tool might require specific terms.

  6.  Keep in mind that bots can sometimes overlook nuances, so be patient and explicit in your communication.

  7. To get an overview, ask it to summarize the document.

  8. Add detail by using a step-by-step approach. Use the response to one question as a basis for the next.

  9. Zoom in on particular topics by asking for citations from each bill and use the links to investigate detailed questions.

  10. Engage in scenario-based discussions, like "I live in (location); how does Drive SAFE impact me?

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