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Three Ways to Hold DTE & Consumer's Energy Accountable

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DTE and Consumers Energy are the only option for many folks but neither is even close to the best option. DTE provides unreliable service, reports over $1 Billion dollars in earnings each year, yet continues attempting to increase rates. Consumers Energy has all the same issues with even higher earnings! The Michigan Public Service Commission and our State Legislature need to hold DTE and Consumers Energy accountable.  No company should be able to profit from our basic human rights. Energy is a human right. We need to break the monopoly and take back our power.  The Facts Unreliable service: February 2023: 740,000+ homes lost power  Rate hikes DTE applied for a 13-19% rate increase on February 10, 2023 (not yet approved nor denied) Higher rates during “peak hours” (weekdays 3pm-7pm) as of March 1, 2023DTE implemented In January of 2023, the MPSC approved a $155M rate increase for Consumers Energy customers Our Goals and Demands We want reimbursement for all the money we lose on groceries, hotels, generators, lost meds, and more when we are without power because of DTE and Consumers Energy. No more rate hikes! MPSC should represent people by having accessible hearings about rate hikes and other issues that affect us. Utility corporations should not be able to control what we do with our home! Repeal the 1% cap on rooftop solar.  Our representatives need to stop taking money from DTE. 90% of those elected into the state house and senate took money from DTE and Consumers during the 2022 election Corporate utility monopolies are not the solution. We want to take back the power. 41 cities in Michigan currently have it and face significantly less outages. Your city can have it too. We want public power

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We are collecting stories from customers in our community to show people in power that real people are being impacted and it is not right.

Are you a customer of DTE or Consumers Energy? Have you or someone you know lost breastmilk, medication, or money due to spoiled groceries, hotels, and generators during a power outage?


Are you sick of your bills being way too high?

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